For a first visit arrive at the Légué buoy   (Lat :  48° 34.3 N   Lon :  002° 41.2 W) preferably 1.30 before high tide.

Avoid strong winds North to East

From the Légué buoy steer to the channel entrance (compass bearing 200°, red and green buoys at about 2 milles)


Stay in the middle of the channel. When entering the outer harbour (Pointe à l’Aigle) call VHF ch12 to get the lock ready

After the lock the first dock on your left is the fishing harbour where you can go if your boat is heavier than 20 ton and/or longer than 18 meters (60 ft) otherwise follow the river.

Some 300 meters ahead there is a swing bridge which is synchronized with the lock so it will be open for you

Finally 400 meters further the lift area is on your left with some berths available alongside the waiting  pontoon.