Confidentiality Policy


Charpente Marine du Légué is aware of the confidential aspect of information received while in mission for our

Therefore we have set strict rules about secrecy and deontology for all personal of Charpente Marine du Légué.
Whatever type of employment agreement they may have with the company, these rules are always part
of the employment agreement and this is also applied to external consultants.

Ahead of any mission, a confidentiality agreement is signed between the customer, the company and the
employee(s) or consultant(s) involved directly in the mission.
No information will be released to any third party without prior written agreement of the customer, or on
the request of the customer.

Charpente Marine du Légué is also keeping this information confidential even to its financial controllers.
These have access to all information related to the management of the company but not to the
information collected during the mission(s) protected by the confidentiality agreement.